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  1. kevin a good way to color a light image in a dark one is: 1.create new layer 2.use the fill tool and fill the whole layer with a color 3.layer properties- overlay 4.merge down it works well if you want to you can play with the opacity levels to lighten the overall color effects
  2. 15/03/2011 Update just the 1 today will post some more later have to sort out formats and upload........ Hope you like Sig 33 Hidden Content: Sig 25 Sig 26 Sig 27 Sig 28 Sig 29 Sig 30 Sig 31 Render i found here Sig 32 1. a picture i made for my friends band the sheet music comes from beethoven and scaned from a friend..... playing with noise and frosted glass mixed with film adds a nice grunge effect.
  3. Pyro that sig is 100% original and creative.... thanx for sharing the tut........ heres my attempt but i can never do exactly whats written i have to change it abit.... hope u dont mind... Heres my attempt
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