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  1. HyRez: Thank you for that information. It is greatly appreciated. I have forwarded this threat to my IT team for their consideration. We hope to be able to update to v1909 over the weekend. In the mean time, I just ran a search of my system and found 9 instances of cldflt.sys. Ran restorehealth and scannnow and that reduced it to 6 which appears to have again temporarily fixed the problem. I am noting the 3 different file locations for IT. Thanks again everyone for your help, I hope you all have a great weekend. Keep cool if you are in the south (like me) or dress warm if you are in the north as they are predicting record lows for pretty much everything north of the Mason/Dixon line.
  2. Thank you for the help and sorry for the confusion. I will consult with IT and see if they have finished vetting 1909. Currently running Windows 10 Pro v. 1903 b. 18362.418. Basically, yes I got the same blue screen with the same error. Found out when I ran BlueScreenView.ex. that the actual file causing the fault is cldflt.sys which is the Cloud Files Mini Filter Driver. That is why the first time when I disconnected One Drive, the problem stopped. When it came back the next day, One Drive was still disconnected but I got the same Blue Screen with Identical info. That is when I ran the process described in the video above (which now seems to be unavailable). That is when IT installed some of their "mystery tracking software" and it reinstalled the updates overnight and the problem returned even though One Drive was still disconnected. Ran the video process one more time (takes about 3.5 hours each time) and again the problem went away. Now I wait until tomorrow to see if the problem reappears. If it does I will try to get IT to install the 1909 upgrade and see if that helps. And just for clarity's sake, this is the first and only problem I have ever had with since it was first released. I am very pleased with it and appreciate all the effort the team puts into keeping it up to date in style and technology. Thanks team. PS. I use at home on a desktop with Windows 10 Home and a a laptop with Windows 10 Pro and I do not experience this problem on either home computer.
  3. Twice now, I reset it with the procedure in the above video and the next morning I come back turn it on and it is the same thing. It looks like when I restore the image, it then forces an update overnight again and it is the update that is causing the failure.... this really sucks because I have used since it was first released and I used at least several hours a day at work. Now I am stalled and they want me to use PhotoShop or Corel....... neither of which I know anything about. Anybody got a better more permanent fix, like maybe Microsoft who seems to be causing this problem?
  4. I had to do both, follow the video AND disable One Drive to get it to work.... then IT came along to install something new on my computer and had to reboot, which started a new update.... when they were finished I was right back where I started. 😫
  5. When saving a .png image to my harddrive I get a blue screen error (see attached image). Stop Code: SYSTEM SERVICE EXCEPTION What failed: ddflt.sys Please advise how to correct this repetitive problem.
  6. BoltBait, I just wanted to say thank you for all the Effects, Palette, and Adjustment plugins you have provided over the years. I am a technical writer and use PDN exclusively for all my graphics work. It would not be nearly as effective without all your hard work. I hope your financial situation improves soon (been there, done that, multiple times). Good luck and best regards, BrianB
  7. When I try to download the IcoCur.dll, it either stalls immediately or stall halfway through the download. I have no problems downloading other zips and dlls from this site.