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    Reading, Movies, Fishing, Shopping, I love watching the history channel, and designing wedding invitations
  1. i can't stand people that can't make up their minds.. its frustrating
  2. today is a good day.

  3. a few months ago.. i decided i was going to start an invitation business so i began looking for a program that had everything i needed all in one. instead of having to go back and forth between more than one program just to do one thing. so i was searching the web.. and came across this program..read about all the different things you can do with it, and decided that it was perfect for what i want to do. and downloaded it.. and i have yet to be disappointed. and i dont think i ever will be.
  4. well i'm just an idiot and i mis-typed mine.. it was suppossed to be jbellard 03.. not jebllard03.. anyway.. the j is for my first name jennifor and bellard is my last name and 03 is the year my daughter was born.
  5. hello everyone, i'm new. i think i have already posted this very message twice.. unfortunately in the wrong place... my apologies... anyway.. i just wanted to say hello to everyone.. also i love this program.
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