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  1. Sarkut and Oma, both of you Were both Correct -- it was the dual screen - something which is also VERY new for me.. Thanks So much for fixing this problem
  2. Updated to 3.5.5 - shape3d causes major freeze to PD. the only way to close the program is to use Task Manager - Process - create image; Open and shape3d from effects; Shape 3d automatically makes a ball - no options appear, no choices for making sphere, oval, nothing.. only ball is automatically created; Shape3d then freezes program; unable to exit; change screen, nothing works.. the only way to get out is to use windows task manager. Shape3D is in effects folder. When you right click the dll it says - register this program or unregister this program, when one clicks on register - error message says that the module failed to load - make sure binary is stored at specified path or debug it to check for problems with the binary or dependent .dll files, the specified modules could not be found (what does that mean and how would one debug?) Shape3d was installed Directly into the effects file - i have installed from several locations ; and have reinstalled 3.5.5 several times to no avail Would appreciate input on this. Thanks
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