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  1. Thanks! I might make another soon.
  2. Ok, so I haven't been on here in several years. I think I may already have a gallery, but I don't remember. xP I haven't touched PDN in a long time, but I decided this was worth sharing. Might make a TUT in the future. I'd love some feedback.
  3. How the heck did you make a cofee cup??? lol. Nice job. Ok i guess ill be starting a gallery then.
  4. Heres my new spacescape. I was inspired by a gimp tut. I did my atmosphere different than I normally do. Here it is.
  5. Um lol... Its not a shadow. Your seeing the sun frim behind a planet. heres another planet I made. Its a rock planet, I really need to learn how to do a descent atmosphere though. Hey I just made my set and userbar today. What do you think? Anyways, heres the pic: yeah, I made the texture. Isn't it cool?
  6. Hey everyone! Nice pics! Heres one I made. Falken your pic is amazing! how do you do your bgs? I know how to make planets, but the bg is amazing.
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