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  1. Hello Everyone - I realize that this is an older thread, but I just came across the tut the other day and decided I'd give it a go. I started with this pic in mind: ... and ended with this: How'd I do? And thank you, Expiration, this tut really stretched my editing abilities.
  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you - I was following Expiration's tut on interface orbs yesterday and he (she?) has 2 crescent shaped shadows in the design using the ellipse select tool in subtract mode but I was unaware that it was a 2-stage process. Mea culpa.
  3. Hello Everyone - Does anyone have a copy of Wizard's Glass Orb plugin that they could share? I had to rebuild my system and his download link is broken. Thanks, SI NM all - found a new external link that is still active as of 1/18/11: http://members.ziggo.nl/steven.brom/download/
  4. My mistake - I had to restart the 'puter for the plugin to apply.
  5. Hi Everyone - Yet another noob here with a plugin problem. I downloaded dpy's plugin pack and copied the dll's from the zip to the extras file like normal (I''ve done this for other plugins with no trouble) but I don't see the Metallize effect anywhere on the menus. All the other plugins show up and function normally. Is it perhaps called something else or is it bugged? I've checked BOTH Adjustments and Effects and I don't see it on either menu. I'm running PDN 3.5.5, btw. Thanks
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