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  1. @Himself Haha, that's really cool! Funny too, it looks like he's slipping and about to fall on hit butt, lmao. Anyway, I just got back from gymnastics and had an hour before dinner so... Very small abstract that just happened. A mediocre sig I made from my lastest starscape. My latest starscape. Whatcha think guys? EDIT: Forgot about this, it was a very random texture I made almost a year ago. figured I might aswell put it up here.
  2. Thanks guys, and yes I'm a sir lol. Now that I'm back into PDN I can't seem to stop! ARGH! Anyway, I decided to try out that advertisement mockup tutorial for the heck of it. It came out ok I think, but I know I can do it better. So, I'll probably try it again in a week or two. however, any suggestions on the current version are much appriciated!
  3. Hey, I got some freetime so I made another starscape. I think Is' ta lot better than my previous ones, it isn't as repetative. Comments/critsism?
  4. Wow, thanks for all the comments guys! I just threw together a new avvy since I had a few minutes spare time. Tell me what you think.
  5. Heh, ok. By the way, how do you hide images nowadays? I can't seem to find the button....
  6. Hey there everyone. I was on the old forum pretty often under the name of Dark Zarosia, and now I'm back! I don't use PDN as much as I did, as I'm incredibly buisy now. Thus, most updates will be on the weekends. But, enjoy! ~A Bit About Me~ Well, I'm almost 13, I'm homeschooled and live in Alabama. I'm also a male gymnast, and that's pretty much my life, haha. I spend 4 days a week at the gym for 2 hours a time, 1 or 2 times a day. When I'm not there, I'm doing school, or I'm sleeping. I use PDN whenever I can or when I'm just bored around the house. I mostly make signatures, but I also lik
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