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  1. @Himself Haha, that's really cool! Funny too, it looks like he's slipping and about to fall on hit butt, lmao. Anyway, I just got back from gymnastics and had an hour before dinner so... Very small abstract that just happened. A mediocre sig I made from my lastest starscape. My latest starscape. Whatcha think guys? EDIT: Forgot about this, it was a very random texture I made almost a year ago. figured I might aswell put it up here.
  2. Thanks guys, and yes I'm a sir lol. Now that I'm back into PDN I can't seem to stop! ARGH! Anyway, I decided to try out that advertisement mockup tutorial for the heck of it. It came out ok I think, but I know I can do it better. So, I'll probably try it again in a week or two. however, any suggestions on the current version are much appriciated!
  3. Honestly, I lamost laughed at all this. And no I'm not a hater, I quite like your work, but... seriously..? Could webavenger have said what he said in a nicer way? Yes. Did he completely rtash you, call you names, and repeatedly slander you and ruin your reputation? No. Don't get me wrong, he should have been warned, maybe 1 month ban or something, but banning him was *slightly* harsh in my opinion. And Wesh... really? Not only do you let one little 'troll' run you away, but you post a little sob-story to make up for it? If that all actually happened too you, then great, I honor you for recovering from all that. But I fail too see why that's an excuse for one little troll to make you run away. You're a great artist, and if the little story was true, a strong man. So why the hell did you quit because of this? But anyway, if the discicion is made then it's made. I wish you well.
  4. Hey, I got some freetime so I made another starscape. I think Is' ta lot better than my previous ones, it isn't as repetative. Comments/critsism?
  5. Wow, thanks for all the comments guys! I just threw together a new avvy since I had a few minutes spare time. Tell me what you think.
  6. Heh, ok. By the way, how do you hide images nowadays? I can't seem to find the button....
  7. Hey there everyone. I was on the old forum pretty often under the name of Dark Zarosia, and now I'm back! I don't use PDN as much as I did, as I'm incredibly buisy now. Thus, most updates will be on the weekends. But, enjoy! ~A Bit About Me~ Well, I'm almost 13, I'm homeschooled and live in Alabama. I'm also a male gymnast, and that's pretty much my life, haha. I spend 4 days a week at the gym for 2 hours a time, 1 or 2 times a day. When I'm not there, I'm doing school, or I'm sleeping. I use PDN whenever I can or when I'm just bored around the house. I mostly make signatures, but I also like spacescapes, and I really want to get better at them. And there you go, my life in a nutshell. Time for the gallery! ~Signatures~ ^My very first signature. How cute. ^Thrown together for someone on the forums. ^ Sharp forever! ^One of my first decent sigs. ^Made trying a tutorial on these forums. ^ First good one. ^Made using another tutorial. ^This is after I got a bit better. Background is 100% PDN. I'm proud of it, haha. ^Made back when I was learning, I was trying to take a cruddy sig and make it better using only PDN. ^I was just playing around one day, turned out alright though. ^Trying out a new style. I kinda like it. 100% PDN, also. Same as above. i like this one better though. First sig with a planet in it. 100% PDN. ^CoD. What else is there to say? (Other than Battlefield BC2 is way better. Hehe. ^ so-so sig I made a while back. ^Rainbow! Yay! ~Space~ ^Made using the exploding planet tutorial. First planetscape. ^Made using another tutorial on the forums. ^Same as above. ^Just a random planet. ^Same as above, different color. ^Slight background. ^ Second ever starscape. ^First ever starscape. Too busy for my taste. ^ Same as above, different color. ^Newest, and best starscape. It has tiny rainbow color scheme too. ~Abstract~ ^My First PDN picture, I think. ^Same style as above. ^I was trying the power plant tutorial. I failed. but failure is pretty. ^I call it,"Eye of the Newt". Dunno why. ^Was Playing around, and this happened. ^Polar inversion thing. Following yet another tutorial! A cool optical illusion, the 'black square' in the middle isn't there. ^Black hole! ^Black hole V2! ^See a trend? ^Metal-flower thing. ^A tutorial that I strayed so far from I don't even know what to call this. ^Hit the random effect button about a million times. ^Again, just messing around and this happened. ^Credit goes to Ash for showing me how to do this. It looks awesome. ^Pepermint. ^Spiral staircase thing? ^I love the difference blend mode. Some pepermint-looking-thing.