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    I'm sorry. I didn't realize I linked to an illegal plugin pack. That was never my intention. However the plugin pack solved this particular problem. I have therefore isolated the plugin that decoded the RAW-files in question (CR2). It was the RAWFile.dll version Again, I'm sorry, EER.
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    Rob, I had the same problem. None of the plugins I tried would let me open cr2 files in pdn. All pdn gave me was the same error message: "There was an unspecified error while opening this file". I deleted and reinstalled all of the plugins (RAWFile, RawLoaderPlugin and RawReader) and even itself. After hours of this I was nearly ready to give up and delete pdn from both computer and mind. However, I found a sollution. I suggest you try the <link to the illegal plugin pack which redistributes plugins without permission removed by EER. Do NOT post this link again & use it at your peril - you have been warned.> This worked for me. Hopefully this might be helpful for you and others. Good Luck! Edit: Don't use the plugin pack. Search for RAWFile.dll ver. (or later, probably).