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  1. Hello! My Name is Gordon McGreghor. I just wanted to slip a comment into this thread, i've allready introduced me in my Gallery and in my Profile
  2. Thank you very much Barbieq25 for the quick comment im currently working on a Signature and a Avatar.
  3. Hallo guys and gals, my name is Gordon "Craig" McGreghor. but just call be GC i've been looking for a free graphic program, and after some research i found Paint.NET which have brought me a lot of Fun I've been looking trough the forum for a bit time (since last november) and now i finally made a Account so i can show off abit of my work. hope you like it... i want to keep my personal gallery nice and clean, so i'll only post my new pieces and delete the old ones. Larger "Misc" Art Work: Hidden Content: Retouched Photos: Hidden Content: feel free to leave a comment, CnC are allways nice. If you want to know anything about me just throw in a comment or a PM
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