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  1. Mario is Nintendo! ... and i agree RDR is awsome... tho i dont like the multiplayer...
  2. who dont feear of turning into a pumpkin?...
  3. you should probaply check out the opera forum because this is'nt a tech support forum
  4. for my Oral english exam i improvised could'nt find space to study. i received a b+
  5. i think you could... but i really can't judge when i dont know how they look and how your suit looks
  6. Happiness: I won a soccer juggeling competition at the local mall, i won FIFA10 World Cup for XBOX. I dont own a XBOX but now i dont have to go out and buy a gift for my younger brothers birthday .
  7. I hate Exams.. i got a really bad memory...
  8. Kemarus post just sounded really really really weird in my ears...
  9. a lot of your statements are not completely the truth. you should maybe try to see this from a PSP or Pshop perspective.
  10. yeah... maybe i should do that. it would just take time i dose'nt have, so instead i'll tell you what i did: i 2 curved roads which i merged together to make the one on the image. then i took 2 wood/forrest pictures and sat them on each side of the road to + made some tweaks at the top to make a the trees touch eachother. then cropped and rendered the pictures+the road and put in a forrest background. then fixed lighting contrast and the colors.
  11. just a little update. bigger update will come with i get the time for it.
  12. http://img44.imagesh...iproadnight.png my new photomanipulation, Curvy road at night edit: i like the color of the car tho the tribal sticker needs some work, it dosent blend that well with the car.
  13. maybe this sketch can help: http://www.pixeldigest.com/tutorialsfiles/shoetemplate/32.jpg
  14. i like your WoTW entry, tho is'nt it alittle weird to put a paper on a paper, insteaed of a paper on a taple?
  15. you can't make a vector with PDN, as far as i know. you can do that with Adobe Illustrator.
  16. hehe nice start, but it's my gallery. hope you get the sarcasm... (hint: maybe you should change the title )
  17. Omg, Metallica and The Police actually sound good with that code! nice find there Frontcannon.
  18. 8 allmost consecutive hours of Red Dead Remption, and i'm not even done yet it's such an awsome game (best western game ever!)
  19. No, it's not weylin. i don't think that it qualify as a wallpaper, cause of the huge transparent area. it's a lovely art piece but not a Wallpaper. Just my opinion.
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