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  1. Thanks Paint.Net !

  2. Thanks you Ego Eram Reputo for your tutorial. If I have understood, I must wait the version 4.0 for use this tool (for the brushes and erase tool). If we can get some differents brushes in this version with soft edges, it will be perfect ! I think that this tool is the basic tool for working images. In the meantime, I'll use the color alpha. Thanks a lot and I hope that oil will not stain your beautiful shores !
  3. Hi, Excuse my english, I'm French and I write to us from Normandy. I wonder if there is a tool that would act as an eraser but so sensitive as in Photoshop? One pression on the mouse erase x pourcent of image. I have searched everywhere in forums but I have not found. May-be is a plug-ins ? Thanks a lot.