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  1. Yah, thats what I thought. I figured it would lose (Frontcannon's was pretty awesome). Oh well. I already have two more I want to enter soon, but maybe I'll wait a bit.
  2. Well...I might as well give it a go. This is my first sig, but I have two others coming soon.
  3. Note to self: remember to use direct link for the IMG insert box

  4. needs to create a new sig

  5. chrisco: 2 weylin: 1 I don't know...I actually like Weylin's sig. Maybe it's the simpicity that caught me.
  6. Sarkut FTW! I took a Art History Class so I have an appreciation for that stuff now. Plus, his just turned out great.
  7. csm725: 2 himself22: 0 I think csm's is just cool, but what swayed my vote is that himself22 doesn't have a background. Himself could definitely spice it up and maybe redo the wire. It does have potential.
  8. And by the way, I have also tried the general way to install plugins. Sarkut is trying to help me with another plugin I'm having trouble with. Any ideas? At least a helpful response.
  9. Why can't I seem to download yours? I follow your guide for your plugins, but once I click "Open Folder" There is nothing there. And before I save the folder, I notice there is a little lock icon on the folder. So I clicked that and went to Properties, unblocked it and everything, but it still won't appear when I "Open Folder". Can you help me? Please!
  10. Ok Sarkut. I finally figured out what was wrong. I did have the gradient on a layer of its own. What was wrong was that I was mixing up the :Move Selected Pixels: tool w/ the :Move Selection: tool. I am having trouble w/ my shadow though sitting under the ball, but I think I can figure that out. It's probably just some adjustments I'll have to make due to the fact that I can't follow every step exactly, it turns out differnt for everyone, so... Thanks for your help. Btw, when you mentionec selection, thats what made me consider that difference between the 2 move tools.
  11. I'm still having trouble w/ this one. I did add the layer at Step 8, but when I get to Step 9, it still won't move the shadow. My elipses from Step 2 moves, and the shadow stays on the ball. Do I need to deselect the elipses and then select the shadow from Step 8? Because the elipses has been selected the whole time.
  12. Thanks, I'll go test this out ASAP.
  13. Hmmm...I just can't seem to get this to work. I keep getting stumped at Step 9. When I click to use the to resize the shadow, it moves the elipses I made in Step 2. If someone can tell me what I'm doing wring it would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Hey, I just downloaded PDN yesterday, and became a member today. This is a great program. I've always had an interest in stuff like this, but I never wanted to pay for the software. Hope I'll learn how to use PDN, learn a lot of helpful tips, and be able to create whatever I feel like making.
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