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  1. Sarkut, Thanks for your reply. Normally I tend to figure out things like this after a bit of old fashioned troubleshooting but this one seems to have me a bit stumped and it's crawling under my skin! Yeah, I thought of that as well but then the following happens - see screenshots. I have the plug-in installed for .ico files - but that doesn't seem to be working either. Is there a plug-in for GIF files? What am I missing here? I'm so confused... LOL I am going to pull it apart again over the weekend, maybe on Monday or Tuesday I can report that I got everything straighten out. pools
  2. Hello to all... I am having problems with icon file types (.ico) and I am looking for a bit of help. This is what I would like to do: 1.) Have .ico files display in a program called Icon Catcher and have it set as default so that "Scan with Icon Catcher..." appears at the top of the context menu in bold letters when I right-click on a .ico file. 2.) Have .ico files open up in Paint.net when I am trying to edit them. Currently, .ico files open up in Windows Paint and I cannot stand using that crappy program - especially after being spoiled with the genius of Paint.net for so long! (LOL)
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