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  1. OK, the source JPG has been uploaded to http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=09239349294201645607
  2. pdnrepair had no effect on this problem. I'm unable to upload the source JPG as an attachment as it's 644KB. Is there another upload mechanism you'd like me to use?
  3. PDN v3.5.5 (Final Release build 3.55.3767.28608) Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit with .NET Framework 3.5SP1 & all latest updates as of 4/28/2010 This is a dev machine with VS2008SP1 & Expression 3 installed. I opened a JPG, cropped it slightly, and then saved it as a PNG. I chose the PNG file type in the "Save as type" combo box. In the Save Configuration window, the preview shows only a small black dot centered in the window and the label "Preview, file size: (computing)" never changes from "(computing)". Bit Depths of Auto-detect, 32-bit, and 24-bit produce the same results. Selecti
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