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  1. Hi I was wondering if there is a way to open eps files in Paint.net
  2. Hi Sarkut you were right somehow I must of turned on the pixel grid, I have now turned it off so thank you Simon Brown Thank you for showing me the icon for the gradiant thank you both
  3. Hi I have two questions one about paint.net itsself and one about the avaliblity of a plugin question 1 when I zoom into an image on paint.net a qhole load of squares appear with small dots in them, it happens with every image, do you know what is happening question 2 is there a plugin that creates a colour gradiant between two colours Many Thanks
  4. Is there a way to import files with the extension .AI as I have been sent a file that is in that format and I really need the file Thanks Daniel
  5. I managed to get paint.net working again by doing everything Sarkut suggested so thank you
  6. it goes through the intallation then an error comes up saying system.io.file.notfound I have Vista and have .NET 4.0 framework installed as well as all recommended updates Please please help
  7. my account does have admin privaliges but running it as admin allowed me to sort the command, will that help the paint.net install
  8. I have Vista with .NET 4 and allthe latest updates for windows installed
  9. I have the same problem but when I try to run the cmd line chkdsk /f it says I do not have suggnificant permissions, any ideas on how to sort this
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