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  1. @Zagna Great icons! At one point I might take the time to convert the 1000+ icons we have created in the old project from pixel to vector, but that is a bit off topic here.
  2. @dipstick Thanks for the reply! To work in HSL I need a conversion table from HEX/RGB to HSL and those work with decimal values. The HSL in PdN doesn't so I won't achieve the colours I need, just almost, which in this case isn't good enough. I need exact recolouring with retained transparency.
  3. @Ego Eram Reputo @Zagna @Eli Here is another example of what I am trying to achieve. This is my new Home Symbol that will be placed inside the Frame above. I have just now designed this. To make the symbol look a little smoother I have used 4 levels of Transparency 51, 102, 153 and 204. The rest of the pixels are non-transparent. The Symbol is designed in Black (HEX: 000000) (RGB 0,0,0) To make the Home Symbol a Home Icon I want to make it into the same Colour as the Lodging Frame Strong ORANGE (HEX: bf9011) (RGB 191,144,17). I want to change the Colour only, not the Transparency of any pixel. The Symbol needs to look exactly the same regardless of colour. This is how the finished Icon for Home should look like, combining the Symbol with the Frame in the colour for Lodging. What I am looking for is a process/function/plugin to Recolour the Symbol to one single Color while retaining the Transparency. //Matthias
  4. @Ego Eram Reputo Thanks again for taking your time with this. No, the new settings you have tried, the result is not good enough. I will upload another example, perhaps that will make it easier to understand what I need. And for this example SilverHammer/Max Anselm's Advanced Recoloring/Advanced Color Replacement actually produces the result I want.
  5. @Eli OK, now I have downloaded and installed Reverse Blend. I have no idea how to use this to get my result. Sorry. @Zagna That is a really cool shape, but the shape I need has already been designed, what I am looking for now is to change the colour of it. That function will be used on many, many icons that I have and will design, not specifically the frame, I only use this as an example to try on.
  6. @Eli Thank you for the tip, I will look into that, I have not used this plugin before and by only it's name I do not understand how this will work. @Ego Eram Reputo Thank you very much for your extremely detailed description of how I could use the native Recolor tool. I have followed your instruction and it does indeed recolor the main colour like you explain but the tool does not recolor the Transparent pixels in the corners of the Frame and at the bottom. I have played around with the tolerance setting but that changes very little for me and in no case fixes this. After using the Recolor tool the newly coloured frame looks like this:
  7. Hi Anthony, Thank you for a great and very useful plugin. I am currently working on a project described here where your plugin is mentioned as almost working for what I need to do. In this project, I work with creating very small pixeled map icons, the working area is no larger than 22x22 pixels. When creating them I often need to change all pixels to the same colour. I can almost do that with your plugin, and I would completely be able to if I didn't have to enter the Transparency. Would it be possible to update your plugin with this part as an option to turn on/off? Best, Matthias
  8. Hi Forum, For a number of years, I have created icons for Google My Maps users. If you want to see them you can find some here. PdN has always been my tool for doing so. The process is quite straight forward and I have used a number of plugins to help me create what them. I am now in the process of starting a new generation of Map Icons and I am looking to this forum for help me with streamlining this process. The old generation of icons were single colour icons, the new generation will be multi-coloured. I have created a template file looking like this as a finished product. This icon has: - A shadow around it (added in a separate Layer) - A 20% transparent White inner frame to make it lighter (added in a separate Layer) - The top of the frame has an 80% transparent White added to it (added in a separate Layer) - The bottom of the frame has an 80% transparent Black added to it (added in a separate Layer) - The Frame has colour Strong PINK (HEX: BF1140) (RGB 191,17,64) placed in a separate Layer in my PDN-file and looks like this: All pixels with colour has the same colour. Some pixels are transparent, with different levels of transparency. The First Step is to Recolour this new icon Frame Layer to my 15 Base Colours. How should/could I go about doing this? I will use this process a lot in creating the new icons. Many of them will exist in several categories (colours). Almost all of the new ones will have many colours when I start working on them off pictures or symbols found on the Internet. I have tried the following previously: - PdN native Recolour tool => Uses a brush, not what I need. - eFunds Color Replace => not working for this, OR I don´t understand how it works... It is old as well, really old. - YellowAfterlife's Channel Swap => not working for this, OR I don´t understand how it works... - MJW's Color Clearer => not working for this, OR I don´t understand how it works... - ReMake's Color Range (ReMake 2016) => not working for this, OR I don´t understand how it works... - Anthony Scoffler's Replace Colors => would work IF I didn't have to choose the Transparency. - SilverHammer/Max Anselm's Advanced Recoloring/Advanced Color Replacement => Seems to Work for this example but I really don't understand how or why it works... It was posted on January 17, 2009 and never updated after. What I would like to see is a plugin that simply converts ALL Colours to the one I set and leaves Transparency as it is. To me, this seems like a very basic and simple function and I cannot believe no one has made this possible yet, or has someone? If you want to be a little advanced the Colour I set could be picked up with the Color Picker or entered as text, or be the Primary/Secondary Color. Best, //Matthias
  9. Wow, now I do feel stupid... Yes, I read all of it, and all post in this thread as well, the right click did not stick. I left clicked, not right. Case closed.
  10. Hi all involved, I just installed this plugin v.1.2.311724 on Win 10 with PDN v4.0.10. When I start it I cannot draw anything. When clicking on the canvas nothing shows except that the Undo button lights up in blue. Any ideas on how I can make this work? Best regards, //Matthias
  11. Hi Forum, Hope that someone here can advice on this. I'm making a new icon based on an old one. I've lost the original PDN and therefore also the layer structure. Now I need to change the background color from brown on the icon. The icon symbol is white, with transparency, but since I lost the layers it has been merged into the background. I need to re-create the transparency and remove all brown in the white symbol. How would I go about to do that? In the attached file you will find a PDN and all brown in the Layer needs to disappear and only bee seen through the transparency of that layer. Kind Regards, Matthias Handikapptoalett.zip
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