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  1. Is there a 64 bit version of this plugin. I installed the current version in my PDN effects folder but it does not show after starting PDN. There is no animation submenu under effects. *** Added later, OOPS, I was too fast. I apologize. It shows as soon as I have an image open.
  2. Just found this plugin and tested it on my 64 bit version. It doesn't seem to work at all. I put the dll in the filetype folder then started Paint.net. I wanted to open a PSD but that seemed invisible to paint.net ( not in the list of filetypes) Next opened a PDN and wanted to save it as PSD but that was not possible either. The choice simply did not show in the list of filetypes.
  3. Not workiing either, I have a canon 50D as well as a 60D. cr2 files from either one do not open...
  4. anybody knows of a WORKING plugin for editing raw (cr2) files? rawfile.dll is NOT working
  5. RAW Files are just that, raw files. Most digital cameras offer the possibility to store pictures in different formats. While doing that one loses some info, (Like JPEG pictures). Storing pictures in RAW format keeps all the information available, downside is that the stored pictures are MUCH bigger. The advantage is that you have the possibility to create any type of effect on the pictures and safe them in a different format. I use RAW all the time for the purpose of being able to give effects to my pictures. HTH
  6. Tried it with my canon 50D, no good, unfortunately.
  7. RAW files are digital Negatives from a digital camera (DC). Normally, when you take a pict with a DC it will be saved as JPEG, meaning that you can no longer influence lightintensity and more. It does take a bit more space on the card in the camera, but this fileformat also gives you the chance to create HDR pictures, insteead of the normal LDR pics that come form cameras. Not all cameras have the raw format as a possibility, mostly the more advanced ones do, I have a canon 50D and a 7D and those support CR2 format. (one of the RAW formats)
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