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  1. Figurin' out how to use a status...

  2. Well I used Paint.Net's circle.
  3. I didn't use any stocks to make those images. Thou' I did base the proportions of them off of the original.
  4. I'm in! No stocks used, I chose to make the colors and layers windows.
  5. Hi, I've been using for a little under two years; workin' mainly in textures and GUI's. I 'd have to say that my favorite part of Paint.Net is the amount plugins available. I'm actually hoping to get to meet some people who make sphere-textures here. (Literally just making a flat texture that's meant to be wrapped to a sphere. It's so fun 'cause of all the possibilities!) It's something I first did when playing a game called Toribash. Thou' I couldn't any many Paint.Net users there; except for one great pixel artist. Well hopefully I'll be around here for awhile get to know ya'll and whatnot .