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  1. 1./ i have uninstalled Paint.net, removed remaining folders from HDD, cleaned registry with CCleaner 2./ installed again Paint.net, custom installation(view picture) 3./ at the end of the installation i have unchecked start Paint.net and manually restarted PC, even if app itself does not require restart 4./ behaviour is still the same. on right-click edit will jpeg opened in MS Paint(Windows 7) Both registry keys seem to be OK HKLM\SOFTWARE\Classes\jpegfile\shell\edit\command and HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\jpegfile\shell\edit\command My user profile HKCU\SOFTWARE\Classes\ does not contain key for
  2. I dont wanna change default opener, only for right-click -> edit to replace MS Paint..
  3. Durring installation is Paint.net setup to be a default editor for all file types which is installer offering but it is still not working for jpeg files. Any idea how to setup Paint.net as default editor also for jpeg? Registry keys for jpeg file seems to be OK, but when i rightclick on jpeg it will be opened in MS Paint
  4. I want to thank you for this great and beautiful looking application which Paint.NET surely is. But... Could you please consider moving back to dotNet 3.5 ? It is really necessary to use v4.0? I will propably stick with current Paint.NET 3.5.4 because i don't wanna risk damages to my fresh Windows 7...
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