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  1. Very good tut, clearly explained each step and shown the possibilities of the 3D plugin. Ah, and I really like your card's design. Thanks!
  2. Thank you for the tut, it has inspired me to do an earth map: it's not exactly the same but I've used your ideas.
  3. Great tut, it took me hours but I've enjoyed it a lot. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Wow, fantastic tut, not only the outcome but also the clear explanations for each step. I've learnt a lot, thank you.
  5. Thanks, not only for the tut but because I've finally made up my mind to learn how to use PS brushes in PDN.
  6. Nice outcome, I really like the way to make the texture combining gradients and blend mode. Thanks!
  7. Very useful tut, a nice way to learn about how to use shape3D. Thanks for sharing. [/url]
  8. Very clear and simple explanation, pleasant to follow, and very efective technique. I haven't thought outside the box... for now, I will. Here's my try:
  9. Wow, you're right when you say that this tutorial requires a lot of time and patience... it took me hours, but I've learnt a lot of useful things, thank you for share your techniques. These are my attempts:
  10. Nice effect, thanks for share it. Very easy to follow the first steps but I haven't been able to achieve the gloss, so that's what I've done:
  11. Thanks for the tut: when someone is starting and doesn't know anything, appreciates easy works that allow him to learn. This is my try:
  12. Thanks so much for the tut! It took me hours because I'm absolutely beginner, but I appreciate a lot the good tutorials: is a quick way to learn. This is my try:
  13. Thanks for the tut! I like the second one, and this is my try:
  14. Thank you, I've learnt a lot and I think that has many possibilities. That's my try:
  15. Thank you for the tut! Hear is my try with sparkles:
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