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  1. SWEET looking spacescape pdnoob! :O I just finished my first "Drawn pdn creation" My drawing sucks, but with a lot of time, I finally managed to make something decent (or atleast thats why I think of it lol) I used to draw dragons like this when I was 6, didnt improved at all I guess. But its funny to draw the same dragon now on the computer which I drew ages ago on paper Brought back some memories edit: 100% paint.net btw ^^
  2. Looks sweet falken, I luv that you used that purple color Dunno if its to soon for me to post anything because there havent been much replies or anything but here I am again Ok So I am going to make this windows background as I said before, The first planet / object / sun thing is done. I picked my second creation (See previous page) I am trying to make a new planet object each day So I can add it to the big picture I kinda tried to make an earth like planet, but not earth because I am going for an unknown galaxy thing. It looks pretty decent imo, but I still have a feeling it isn
  3. Thank you very much I also have the same image but I changed the layer property, now it looks more like the sun shines from within. (Dunno how to explain properly though:P) I dont know which one looks better, I would like to know, because I am going to expand this image add some more planets and stars or whatever, and going to make a nice windows background out of it So this one, or the one in my previous post?
  4. I am kinda new to paint.net and saw a lot of planets and space stuff, so decided to make a planet myself I was just messing with some tools and then I got something which kinda looked like a sun, so I tried some more tools and edited some stuff and heres the result 100% paint.net btw Hope you like it, because I do (Didnt think I could create something like this LOL)
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