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  1. Well, I never had this problem, neither seen it before. One question: If you change the language or restet the position of the windows ( Windodows -> Reset Window Positions ), gets this problem solved?
  2. Well, my biggest was 3500x2800 px with 47 layers but just 237 MB in .pdn. The .png was at least 24 MB. This took with my computer (2 GHz, 3 GB RAM, Win XP SP3) a lot of time to render and stuff ;-)
  3. Well, this sounds quite nice. Let's see what we can do for it ;-)
  4. de:reset=Reset changed to de:reset=Zurücksetzen According to "the" German dictonary "Duden" ther is no "Reset" in the German language. So I replaced it with the German pendant of "reset". The idea with the src of the UI is cool ;-)
  5. is maybe right did not get the sense of 's post | has done his last oral exam in his life may understand 's post..?!
  6. Well, please describe exactly what you want ;-) [*]1) You don't want to see the mark for a selected area (this means the dark blue semitransperant rectangle) <- This is NOT possible! [*]2) You want the image you are editing to have a transperant "border". Well, just select just the border and hit the delete button ;-)
  7. Okay, this looks quite promesing. I'll help you with the German language if you want me to help ;-)
  8. Wow, THIS is fast! :-) Thank you.
  9. transTable["de:top"] = "Top"; and transTable["de:bottom"] = "Boden"; is more like transTable["de:top"] = "Oben"; and transTable["de:bottom"] = "Unten"; (I'm a native German speacker ;-)
  10. Well, I never saw any barcode which was able to handle with ä, ü or ö. Like I've just read in CODE 128 it is possible via ASCII. You may download the code128 font (it is a link to the German customs authorities) and create your barcodes via WORD etc. or the normal text tool in PDN. If you are to lazy to do so, use oe for ö, ue for ü and ae for ä ;-) Also Rollermann, Umlaute sind nur über Umwege mit dem CODE 128 darstellbar. Andernfalls ist es nicht möglich! Dann würde ich dir einfach vorschlagen, oe für ö, ue für ü und ae für äzu benutzen. Wenn du CODE 128 benutzen willst, dann kannst di ihn hier runterladen und musst den CODE als Schriftart installieren ;-)
  11. Lol, you've lost it? In the coffeeshop or in the supermarket? xD Well, it's the #004A7F
  12. Well, I've installed this pack and the newest packs out of the forum and PDN just give me 4 plugin load errors. But they all referr to effects which are build in now
  13. Well, use the search and you'll find several posts dealing with this question. It won't be realized that ther will be one pack on I think a new downloadway is under construction. Just have the time and wait If you want a hint which packs/plugins are at the top, have a look here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here. There is one "big pack" <snip>. Have fun while browsering ;-)
  14. Well, I think everybody can't get the chance here exept the people who are doing it right now ;-) I just asked because I thought you might have any experiences with this and concrete ideas how to realize your ideas :-D
  15. This is my entry. Now you may ask what the relationship to the theme is: It's easy. The light, chemistry (in school) and PDN itself inspire me to create something ;-) Font used: CODE3X
  16. Well, while reading this I am keen on how the develop team will react. But rautamiekka, you should have edited your first post in your first topic and added this ideas ;-) Do you have any experience with programming in .NET?
  17. This looks very cool. I'll download and test it
  18. Well, I've found this tutorial some time ago. The problem is that it's written for psd but you can use it as well. You just di not have the Difference Clouds.
  19. Okay :-) But if anyone want it, I may do it but I do not have any texture because I have flattend several layers. All in all it were about 29 layers in the end .pdn ;-)
  20. Well, I didn't read that: Is an textureproof needed? I didn't used any stocks or render, jsut worked with clouds and several blurs and fragmented colours. So do I need to upload a textureproof like Welshblue did?
  21. This is my entry! It's me, PDN and three hours!
  22. Well, this is more something like a seed of any flower ;-)
  23. Mh, I really do not know what you want to ask puppetclown... Please tell us a little bit more detailed!
  24. Two and a half man is cool! ;-) This' mine: