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  1. Axle- Um why would I get in trouble for showing people what you get when you add certin effects to make facial hair?? I've seen other pictures posted under other threads, and I haven't gotten any warning from a Administrator yet, so I think I'll be alright..
  2. Frosted Glass does make it look more beard like 1. with smoothless level down 2. With maximum smoothness [
  3. I tried mimicing a Pro's picture, here's mine next to his...
  4. Tried two differant things this time, I'm getting better, but I want it too look more realistic if possible..
  5. Ok, I changed it up a bit and moved the layer like you said, but still this is the best on got doing it that way, pretty much the same as before..
  6. I tried playing with different things, that's the best I can get.... Here's the video of how the guy does it using another program, maybe your familiar enough with Paint.Net to understand what tools on P.N are equal to what he uses.. you can see when he does the layer properties step he says pick Hardlight, Paint.net dont have that, but when he does it, it looks like she has blonde stubble, then when he does the Curve Step, it makes it darker..
  7. I saw something on youtube on how to do this with another program, and I got like 5 of the steps done using the paint.net tools, but I couldn't get the same end result, can someone post a step by step please... Here's the step process I had so far.. 1. make a new layer. 2. chose the color gray and draw your beard/moustache etc. 3. go to effects, Noise, Add Noise (gives you the grainy look). 4. make a circle with your ellipse tool. 5.go to effects, pick blur, chose Radial Blur. Then after that your suppsed to do something with changing the properties to make it look like lite stubble, then go to adjustments, and pick curves, then when you adjust the curse you get the dark stubble, to full beard look, but these are the steps I can't figure out how to create, so far this is the best I came up with...
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