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  1. i have some sad news this will be my last post for a while now because i have got photoshop and will be turning to that my PDN life has been short but great! and i might come and visit every once in a while and make u guys a photo. so this is my last picture for a while hope you enjoy...
  2. sry rong umbrella im puttin it in realistic sry again
  3. i decided to make a spacescape again this one still isnt ther yet, so sme more practice and i should have it (i hope) these are the stocks stock1 stock2 and this is the final piece any comments or tips would help a lot thanks!
  4. i liked the room so i decided to have a go myself that was my attempt
  5. @imanowl? thankyou and yea i know it needs work only a bit of a mess about really. @aislin thankyou too and yep u guesed it :L
  6. just a bit of a mess about with things and plugins
  7. i feel sorry for the time your going through and hope that you can get back on track and good luck for your tests, my brothers in the thick of all his gcse tests so dont forget your not the only 1 good luck again with everything
  8. @skitzo thankyou your ur comment and i love your spacescape the only thing i thing would make it better was is you put another planet (or put the planet more centrle) and to add different coulors to the background its really great though and im jelous tbh well done!
  9. thats a really nice attempt for your first go on paint.net hope to see more frm u
  10. i didnt know wer this 1 should go but i think ive chosen the right place even though this is a very simple and basic piece it took me longer than expected. i cam across a few hic-ups on the way too.the cars were annoyin to edit because the magic wand didnt work so i had to rub all the background out from the stocks.it was also my first attempt at a cartonn picture so dont judge
  11. is thinking of wat his next pdn piece of work should be. any ideas?

  12. this was a photo i took today at skl im the 1 likin the stik btw :L and thought it would be a laugh to add the hand on my m8s shoulder XD hes the 1 on the far left and its on his right shoulder
  13. this is mine. it sucks i know i only did it quickly
  14. i only did it in 5 mins and i know its bad :L the pictures are all paint.net part form the skier, i took that with my own camara
  15. nice piece erock, great idea,still needs a lot of work tho but i like it> keep it up
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