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  1. Unfortunately this solution works only if we do not make a new file from clipboard. BMP is only supported format of graphics when making HLP files from rtf and hpj.
  2. Niestety ten plik z tłumaczeniem nie działa w przypadku pracy na systemie x64. Trzeba otworzyć execa jakimś kompresorem i wypakować zawartość do folderu instalacyjnego Paint.NETa wtedy dopiero zadziała. Unfortunately this file with the translation does not suport x64 systems. We have to open this file with some compressor and extract the contents to the Paint.NET installation folder manually - then just work.
  3. Hello All Is there a possibility to enable always save as bmp file? Now when i make a screenshot and clik ctrl+s I have got window with png type and must always change it to bmp manually. I must make about 80 screens daily and save as 8bit bmp file.
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