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  1. That would be great..!!! I loved the Paint.NET, but it crashed twice. thanks. lila <email address removed>
  2. a small version without the problems many of us have encountered would be a delight. lila (artist) ps. I'm do not have Windows 7
  3. thanks, jon, for posting the error as this is the same on my pc. i locacted the hklm and there were misspelled words such as micospt for one. 9WORDS) another error. i corrected those but it did not help. i am in touch with Microsoft to address this issue as i am not a expert as the guys that wote this brilliant program. sincerely, lila
  4. i ran this paint. net program through uniblue , regservo and took it to microsoft that should repair the prblems to change the number to 1 as stated on the crash form. this makes twice I have had this problem. Last time I hired guys from HP from India (COST $1OO.) I love this program. but i'm 79 . ps. excuse me. here is the information on DWORD TO 1. [HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Fusion!EnableLog] (DWORD) to 1. Asked by Swetha_aJaX in .NET Framework 3.x versions, .Net Editors & IDEs, Visual Studio Tags: [HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Fusion!EnableLog] (DWORD) to 1. Event Category: None Event
  5. samsons11...where did you find your download of Paint.NET? thanks samsons11, lila
  6. i don't post often due to this type of my mistakes.
  7. hopefully the newest version will work with Windos7 using u-verse. ??? thanks. lila
  8. Thank you. Very nice workable package. Had no problems getting these into C:\ProgramFiles\Paint.NET\EFFECTS and working well. Will be looking forward to your newer effects. When I get the nerve I will post a few of mine to show how ALL has worked so well for me. lila
  9. hi...have not posted in a while..but wanted to say how great the MadJik plugins work.....beautiful. loVe the color blur. Where do I send a donation?? grin ...seriously? Move me if you need since I added the question.... lila
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