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  1. http://i233.photobucket.com/albums/ee83/ccline3/Olaria.jpg

    I'm too lazy to resize the image right now, so there's a link. <_<

    I had some trouble getting the sun to work right, so I had to shrink it...



    My second attempt, again too lazy to resize it. :P

    Something happened to the stars in some places, but I still like it.

    EDIT 2:


    I like this one a lot. :P

  2. My apologies. <_<

    What happened was at the exact same time, while you changed it to a url, I already was editing it for a minor typo, and still had the codes on it. Exactly after you modified it to url, not knowing that you'd done so, I clicked modify, which had the original message as well as the typo fix.

    I wasn't deliberately changing it back to image codes to just to bug you. Sorry for any misunderstanding. -__-

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