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  1. tobucket.com/albums/pp89/quicksilver250_01/button2.jpg[/IMG]
  2. OK thanks for your help, I will try that,
  3. Maybe a bit bigger text would be helpful with this, any remarks ??
  4. Thank you so much Mr. Rick Brewster, I moved that file out of my effects folder and now I have a lot more options just like I did before. You are the best !!! Woohoo, (happy deathdoctor again LOL !!)
  5. I got a picture where I would love to remove the watermarks in it, they go right through the middle of the picture and was wondering if there is any way whatsoever to get rid of these things.
  6. Thanks, but that is some Japanese page which I can't understand let alone find the download for. I will keep searching.
  7. Can anyone tell me where I would be able to find this pulugin called Shape 3d ? I have searched Hi and Lo to no avail, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  8. Not too bad for my first shot at this. I will get better as I progress
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