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  1. Chrisco: 2 Heat Stroke: 2 Chrisco, love the colours and it flows really well. Cannot find anything I hate about it. Heat Stroke, I do not like how bright it is. But everything else is great!
  2. What happened to my bote? ________ Anyways, chrisco gets my vote for most action, creativity, and overall excitement. Chrisco - 1 ai7 - 0 csm725 - 0 Mayor - 0
  3. ClockWorkDemon: 1 csm725: 3 I like CWD's, but csm's has a bit better feel to it. #winner csm725
  4. crisco: 3 siddek: 1 I like chrisco's signature because of how well the background goes with the image. Siddek, the pink font really does kill it. #winner Chrisco97
  5. i have to go with the bird here, lol... chrisco's has nice blending, a cool render, and a nice border. disco's lookes pretty wierd... Chrisco - 2 Disco - 1
  6. Don'te like the placement of text, and your current is better.
  7. chrisco - 2 csm725 - 2 I like how chrisco's is so action packed. It is also well blended. csm's, as himself said, is awesomely distorted, but it has less to it.
  8. I have to agree with the bird here... Chrisco:2 Weylin:2
  9. Really, both signatures are good, but csm...I am guissing the clouds in your's is a stock. Chrisco's paper is 100% Paint.NET, so I have to go with his sig. chrisco97 - 3 csm725 - 1 #winner chrisco97
  10. me to! crisco: 3 cms: 2 #winner chrisco97
  11. chrisco: 1 weylen: 0 weylen, looks nice, but too simple. chrisco, love how it looks like he is moving in the background.
  12. L3ron: 1 Chrisco97: 2 L3ron, it is really cool, but nothing compared to Chrisco's. Chrisco97, I love it! Very nice job.