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  1. I never saw the first version so can't comment, this version ,very impressive. Love the mop bucket,nice details.I like how you have done the wall,the bricks look like they are overlapping.Might make a good roof texture. All in all, I think you have caught the atmosphere, nice work.
  2. Nice photo-manip,you have done a good job of blending it all together.New sig is looking pretty cool as well. Keep it up.
  3. Welshy and BBQ. Thanks for the encouragement. AFG.Cheers for looking in and keeping in touch.I hope everything is good with you. YM.Thank you for such cool comments.Most of my work comes from your great Pdning tutorials. BBQ.Cheers on the new sig,I thought it was time for a change,I am glad you like it. Doughty.Thank you for taking the time for a wee visit.I am glad you liked what you saw. Skullbonz.Cheers for the comments and help with PB.In Maudlin Career it is a lizard with its own tongue.I wiil give PB another go or figure out DA. I think what frightens me is the Forum Editor and I am not exaggerating when I say frightens me.
  4. Wow! an LSD.paper-trail maker(flashbacks). This has got to be fun,downloading now. Cheers TR, in advance, nice share. Off to play.
  5. Excellent, I have a collection of Cokin Filters for my old film camera.Now I can do it digitally.Nice one,cool plug-in. Thank you for sharing.
  6. Doughty. Excellent piece,I love what you can do with the LPFilter. I use it in my photography sometimes. This piece was meant for the filter, as it doesn't suit every image, really well put together. Nice One! Try the plug-in Increase Local Contrast at a low setting 1-5,for a cleaner more subtle effect. That was what I used for my new sig.
  7. Nice one BBQ. Congratulations. History in the making.
  8. Congratulations,Helen,Pdnnoob,DD,Sasha and mottoman. Well done everyone else. Gratitude DD.
  9. dug


    A feast of textures all compiled together to make one amazing image. Classic! I recognise your cracks tutorial in there,I still have that saved in my scriptlab and use it quite often.
  10. Cool take on the Welshy tutorials and the SotW entry was well worthy of a placing (it got my vote). Adding the colour.....what a difference.Nice work.
  11. Been a while since my last visit,you have been very busy. I really like and enjoy how you see shapes,textures and colours and how you combine them all together. Nice work.
  12. Congratulations Welshy,YM,Mottoman,Oceana and Drew. Another good ,fun comp.Well done everyone who entered. Cheers Daniels,nice job.
  13. Thank you TR. for the prompt reply. Everything works perfectly on colours and I have just realised I was working with black when I had the problem. All sorted, thanks again for an amazing plug-in.
  14. Cheers DD and BBQ. Nice job Skullbonz. @TR. This is probably a stupid question, but does this only scatter photo images? With pdn image I only get a small scatter and no scatter if the image is on transparent background. Hope this makes sense.
  15. Cool plug-in ,loads of potential, cheers for the share.
  16. Cool start to your gallery. I like how you have used the maze plug-in as a background.Nice idea. Hope to see more of your work soon.
  17. Been a wee while since I last looked in,love the retro radios, the colour combination really makes them work for me. Excellent. The jailhouse, a real mixture of textures you have going on here,very interesting. Keep it up.
  18. dug


    Love the surrealism of Thirstiness, as usual impeccable detail, the eye is amazing. Loneliness, what a great combination of colours that really work together,quite dreamy.Nice one.
  19. Really impressive updates on the spacescape front. Excellent chain and padlock. The first cell phone, this brought a huge smile to my face.Neat Idea. Long live steampunk!
  20. Nice job of putting yourself into the tutorials you have done since my last visit. Love the Zen stones.The new backgrounds are looking pretty neat,I think Welshy will be pleased with your take on the neon tute. Nice one. Glad to see you are still at the wheel with the LotW comp. Much appreciated.
  21. Been a wee while since I popped in,looking good. I've just been checking out TR's plug-ins,the scatter one stuck out for me and seeing what you have done with it I am even more interested.Nice job. I am glad to see you are still doing the sig comp,much appreciated.
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