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  1. Cool take on the cube tutorial,very smooth,clean job.Love your choice of colours and the reflection keeps it all together.Excellent!
  2. dug


    Love the colour combinations on your latest work. Especially Alice.(Looks perfect for the SotW,it would make a good entry) BTW. Can't get link to video to work. Will try again later.
  3. Nice one Skullbonz, neatly done.It's good to have a bit of a laugh now and again. Thank you Daniels for such a nice comment.
  4. Cool,super fast,added extras update. Nice one,much appreciated.
  5. Congratulations Pixey,well done Sasha,BBQ,YM and Drew. Real quality from everyone who participated. Hope the voting situation doesn't spoil this good,just a bit of fun comp. Welshy my tree/branches were just the Curly Lines plug-in. Edit: forgot to thank DD. Cheers DD.
  6. Cool new sig, reminds me of a splatt! in a comic.Excellent lighting effect, nice job.
  7. New sig cute,cute,cute. Really nice combination of colours.Very smile provoking but I'm not going to say it is kissable.
  8. Cheers Helen he is all yours. http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2013/162/7/d/funguys_by_therawatom-d68lsm6.png">http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2013/162/7/d/funguys_by_therawatom-d68lsm6.png A wee bit of mixed media for a change. Enjoy.
  9. Cheers Pixey,BBQ.Welshy and Dark shock. I am glad you all liked the Admiral.He was created by playing around with all these new plug-ins,great fun, I should do it a lot more often. Thank you all for taking the time.
  10. Excellent smoky stuff finished of by excellent text work. Cool image!
  11. All entries to the Oriental comp so far = Awesome, Awesome,Awesome! So proud to be part of it all. Keep it up peeps.
  12. Cheers Welshy and BBQ. It's good to just have a bit of light-hearted fun now and again.
  13. Someone has been having fun with all the TR plug-ins. Nice change of pace. Like YM. I like the rainbow piece as well.
  14. dug


    It has been a while since we have had gammer/render style sigs on here,nice comeback.Love the vertical sig it really works well. Your videos are very informative and mesmerizingly addictive. I'm hooked.
  15. Cool image Welshy I am sure it did the job for the CD cover.Nice one. A bit of fun with the grandkids.
  16. Wonderfull colaboration. PP and yourself 'dream team'. So clean sooo smoooth,nice one.
  17. Cheers Skullbonz ,if like Doughty says and you mean R Crumb that's quite a compliment.Love his style of cartoon art. Doughty, forget this If I said this before but, I just love the style of your sig. http://fc02.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2013/226/f/a/admiral_gormanghast__by_therawatom-d6i3q28.png">http://fc02.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2013/226/f/a/admiral_gormanghast__by_therawatom-d6i3q28.png Admiral Gormanghast. A wee bit of fun.
  18. Cheers to YM. for twisted bar tute.
  19. Cool job on the gun barrel, I can see why the sig got a place in the comp,nice work. The tile piece is looking clean, professional and screaming some kind of logo to me. Very neat indeed.
  20. Sorry, I seem to have missed your gallery and never posted here. What a pleasure it has been looking through your work. Your skill with text is some of the best work I've ever seen. Very professional and inspirational. I will have to look in more often.
  21. Cool images. I like how you jump from space to reality and back again, keeps things fresh.Great job with all the textures and colour combinations in the Saloon,they all fit well together. Nice work.
  22. Congratulations Pixey,well done Drew,Daniels,Sasha and everyone else who entered.Tough theme, sorry I missed it. Looked like fun. Cheers Double D.
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