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  1. Very glossy and very silky,the white is like material. You have captured an amazing sheen to the whole image and with the swirls pulling you in " Alice's Looking Glass" is the perfect title.nice one.
  2. Congratulations Sasha,really well deserved win. Well done everyone else,this theme was great fun and I think it showed in all the entries. Cheers DD.
  3. Oceana, BBQ. Welshy, DarkShock, Pixey, Helen.and Red Ochre. Thank you all for your kind,encouraging comments. As I have said before It's what keeps me going. Welshy: Hazel O'Connor is definitely in there and Joanna Lumley's lips. All good fun. http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2013/278/7/a/the_skylark_and_peewit__by_therawatom-d6panvx.png The Skylark and Peewit. Thought I would try a bit of a fantasy.(mixed media). Enjoy.
  4. Just noticed the new sig, excellent what you capture on such a small canvas. Amazed!
  5. Cool quartet, Borage,excellent macro shot. It has so many healthy properties no garden should be without it. Victorian: Screams E.A.Poe. The texture brings out the crow just right. A bit darker it would be so creepy. Love it. Lets be Daring: I just love how you have managed to make pastel colours so bright and alive. Sundown: Have to agree with Welshy on Helen's description she summed it up in two words. "Delicate and Elegant" As I started cool quartet.
  6. Cool 3D image,slightly moving away from your usual 2D abstract style,I like it. Reminds me of a revolving door.
  7. dug


    Excellent trio of styles. DS, It is amazing what you have produced with all these different talents. Kudos to all four of you.
  8. Can only agree with what BBQ+Helen said.Then add " Awesome Duo!" Well done.
  9. Welcome,nice start to your gallery.Hope to see more like this from you.
  10. When you have the balloons cut from the white background,in their own transparent layer,use feather plug-in then AA's Assistant.You may have to AA more than once. When you are happy add layer under in blue and blend if needed. Hope I've not just confused things for you.
  11. Thank you all for your cool comments. It's been fun and I have learnt a lot. What my biggest problem here was (not being into games) choosing renders. Kemaru: Very subtle, pastel and peaceful. Also your taste in music is pretty cool.
  12. Welcome, do what Pixey says but then you have to" save as" png. to keep you work transparent. Hope I've not confused things.
  13. Moderator's note: One of these sigs contained adult language. They are excellent sigs, but only click if you're okay with questionable words. I don't know if these sigs are any good or not but I am quite happy with them. 3 sigs Influenced and inspired by the work and video's from DarkShock. I thought I would give this art form (discipline) a go.Yeah, when I say discipline I mean not as easy as these great sig artist make it look. What an amazing learning curve this has been.I thought I knew about c4ds,brushes and using blending/opacity properties, well I know a lot more now. Sadly this isn't the art form for me but what I have learnt here I will hopefully put into my own style. Moderator's Note: I thought these sigs were excellent, but the Bender one was using language not allowed on this board. If you black out the word in question, feel free to edit this post to place the image back in.
  14. Congratulations YM and Welshy well deserved wins from you both.Well done everyone else. You are all winners, just for taking on the challenge of the theme and entering.Bravo! Nice one Daniels.
  15. Just saw Amsterdam in your gallery, nice one. Downloading now and off to play. Cheers for the share.
  16. Amsterdam: great doodle,like all your work they promote your plug-ins perfectly. Cool combination artist and plug-in writer.Keep it up for all our sakes.
  17. Thank you all for the visit. Welshy: A kind of plan forms while I am taking the photos,but the finished piece is always miles away from my first thoughts. I do wander quite a bit. Helen: Your comments are always so nice and encouraging.Brand New. BBQ. I am glad you appreciate my sense of humour while enjoying the art. Pixey: Yeah that guy slips he's gone. That is the mascot of a small fishing village just north of me. SAND33P: Thank you for the wee visit and I appreciate the link to the pallettes very interesting. Daniels: Cheers,I like when people use words like astonish.Nice one. Again thank you all for taking the time. Back to pure PdN. with "She's got Betty Davis eyes". Enjoy. http://fc05.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2013/270/6/9/she_s_got_betty_davis_eyes_by_therawatom-d6o3x6h.png
  18. http://i1143.photobucket.com/albums/n633/dug10/Lilly_zps51353882.png At last a chance to play with Furblur. Cheers Red.
  19. Another flawless(to my eyes) piece of work.Excellent video and nice use of curves +.
  20. Really nice avatar,sig and banner combination.I am glad, like everyone else, to see you start a gallery.Keep up the good work and entering the comps.
  21. What a fun theme. Pure PdN.apart from font, Alice in Wonderland(dafont) EER just beat me.
  22. dug


    Yeah!,getting the link now. Very impressive. Just learned how you keep your work so balanced.(exceptional blending of the c4d's).Nice job.
  23. Cool mix with the terragen/Pdn. piece.The background on Thor's Hammer really makes the hammer pop,nice image.The Barber Shop,excellent idea, but you will have to choose which direction the light is coming from and put in some shadows.It is a bit flat.
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