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  1. Cheers Red Ochre and Welshy.I was a bit surprised at the positive reaction to George and the Dragon.My first attempt at fantasy, that turned into something from Dante's Inferno.Maybe it needed some good looking fairies in there. Again thank you both.
  2. Comfy and cozy just how you want to feel at this time of the year.Excellent image. Merry Christmas and all the best for the coming year.
  3. A very merry glossie Christmas.Your image says it all.Outstanding!
  4. Congratulations Drewdale,nanettealsop,Doughty and Sasha.Well done everyone else.Yet again another fun comp. Well done Sasha on your first comp. Cheers NN.Nice one.
  5. Congratulations on the sticky.Cool, well laid out tutorial.I hope to try it out soon, when time becomes available.
  6. Thank you ladies for taking the time I really appreciate it. nanettealsop:Puzzles for the eyes.Nice one, love it. Inside Outside. 8/10 hours work over a period off 5/6 weeks,300+ layers 100% PdN.The other two are half and half.Mixed-media i suppose. Helen:You are so kind taking the time to comment here and on DA.Cheers. BBQ: George and the Dragon,my attempt at a fantasy piece.Not very dreamy thou.
  7. I like the pastel/watercolour,fantasy feel you have captured here.Nice depth and the colour combinations really work well together.Nice job.
  8. Great to see you creating again.Cool new sig and avatar combo, that 25 is blinding. Shadow of the heart: Powerfull image.The background really makes those crisp,clean,metalic blue rings pop.Another stunner.
  9. I am a bit of a humbug, like Welshy, when it comes to Christmas. But I do like some of the art it produces, especially if it is a bit different and your piece definitely fits right in there. Armadillos one of my fav animals.I just love when nature inspires art.Both these images are going to make it a merrier Christmas for me.Cheers.
  10. Welcome.Cool start to your gallery,nice clean work.You have a good handle on the techniques already.As said above learn the techniques then put them into your own work.Good to see you participating in the comps as well.Looking forward to seeing how your work progresses.
  11. Sorry for the mess my gallery is in.I have reported it to Pyro and he says that they are updating the forum and it has broken the thumb codes.The three pieces I have added are all out of proportion.If anybody wants to see them properly I have added them to my DA.gallery.Link under my sig.
  12. That is one laid back, millionaire kangaroo.Nice one!
  13. Cheers Jim,When I saw the vandalised post lying there I just had to have a photo as I knew I would create something with it.All just a bit of fun.
  14. Doughty."Fair Play"is a campaign to highlight the fact that sport should be free from racism,violence and drugs. BTW I liked the vector, simplistic style of your entry, it got my vote.
  15. Well done nanettealsop,Drewdale and minners.Another interesting and fun comp. Cheers NN.
  16. Icey:Cool drawing skills,very detailed.Love the changing colour piece. Skullbonz:When did you meet my grandson? This is his double. I've not posted here for a while so here is a wee bit fun.
  17. Cheers Welshy,always appreciate the wee visit and glad you liked what you saw.Ceramic Ball Race was inspired by your excellent Sod Infinity piece. Thanks for taking the time and inspiration.
  18. I know it has already been said but BBQ. from her D.A.avatar,outstanding.You have a great eye for detail.Capturing peoples characters is quite a talent.LL Cool, well what can I say,Cool!
  19. Good to see you posting again and updating your gallery.I think everything has been said already on Blast from the Past.Really nice piece from background to foreground.The whole retro image is bringing back some pleasant memories for me cheers.
  20. Great start to your gallery.Looking from the first image to the last is really showing how you are progressing.Doing tutorials is the best way to learn all the different techniques.Nice to see you getting involved in the comps.I like the bit of humour you put into some of your pieces.Keep up the good work and keep enjoying what you are doing.
  21. Congratulations: Welshy,nanettealsop and Yellowman.Encouraging numbers participating(new faces) making the comp fresh and great fun.Well done to everyone. Nice one NN!
  22. Late again,I must have missed this one.I did see the outline sketch somewhere.Anyway, outline, to this, amazing.You have really given it life.Nice how you have created the sheen to the metal especially on the shoulders.I remember now where I seen this.WotW robotic barnyard.
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