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  1. I want to crop out the car. But is there any easy way to do that? When you use the magic wand to select the outside area it also selects the car. Thanks.
  2. That worked. I thought I did download the latest version I guess I didn't.
  3. Just tried it and it didn't work same thing happened. Also pyrochild I am using the latest version at least I think I am its v3.36
  4. Ok I attached it to the post since its pretty long. pdncrash.log
  5. So I downloaded the plugin and added all the files I need to add to the effects folder. When I go to use it it pops up like its going to work but then it closes right away and an error message pops up saying "theres an unhandled error, and must be closed" Anyone know what the issue is and how to fix it?
  6. So I'm trying to use some plugins I just installed but everytime I get an error when I click on the plugin I want to use. The plugin I'm trying to use is the editable text plugin. When I click on it the box comes up but closes right away and I get an error saying theres an unhandled error, and must be closed. Anyone know the issue? I'm pretty sure I added all the right files.