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  1. I've heard that program called InfranView is able to do that.
  2. I just went through the Tomb Raider: Legend and now I'm listening through the OST. It seems that The Nepal - song is now playing.
  3. I saw just today the first episodes of the series 5 released on DVD and BD in Amazon, and I think I sent you the link through the WL Messenger.
  4. Hello everyone and -thing. Since I am unable to begin my era of PdNforum by posting somewhere else, I make myself known by telling a small story here. Clearly I've been using the Paint.Net since 2008 (or was it even 2007? Some heck of time has passed since I first met the program :shock: ). I can't recall was it I who introduced the EscapistAngel to PdN or vice versa, but still PdN has been around for long. And I apogolize already, writing with laptop in dark room does cause typos and my english is just "Good" by school degree, meaning I'll make much more typos
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