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  1. Hello, I'll show you how to make a 3D Cube with Letters in it. This is my first Tutorial. I hope you'll like it. Please give me a statement. Download Plugins used: Shape3D 1) Create a new Document about 350+ px. 2) Add a New Layer with one Letter in it (You can use the Plugin "Align Object" to place the Letter in the Center). Duplicate the "Letter-layer". (Merge down the Background Layer with one of the Letter-layers) 3) Use the Plugin Shape3D with following settings, you can use other settings when you want. 3.1) The Result should look like this 3.2) Now do the Same with the other Letter-layer. 4) Duplicate the Letter layer and move it 15-20px to the left and put it ~3-5px down 5) Select the Second Layer (Unmoved Letter) and use movingmotion with -164,00, amount ~20, remove the Centertick. 5.1) Duplicate and merge down the layer a few times (i used 5). The Result: 6) Use Curves to bring color in the Letter's, Use Hue/Saturation when you want to change the color a little bit. Side one of three is Ready now. Repeat Step 2 -> 6 now with other Shape3D Faces (Front and Top now). When it is Finished it should look like this. Sorry for my bad English, im from Germany Greets, S3ttingZ