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  1. yeah did it thx EDIT: Can't save as apng either (Win7 64Bit) EDIT 2: I tested you plugin to see if it works better than the current program I used to create animated gifs with before: the first picture was made with Gif-X the second with you plugin: Gif-X: - each picture has to be saved as a single file and be loaded in Gif-X - gif flickers + you can adjust the time for each picture + transparency possible + some other useful functions - add shown under the save window Plugin: + each picture in another layer of the same file -> storable as single pdn file (to make an animat
  2. nope there no folder named like that on my wohle computer. should I just create one Documents\Paint.NET User Files (using win7)
  3. I have to see this. one hand to the arrow keys, the other to the mouse, lift the mouse, maybe turn your hand to the side and lay it down again yes but after changing the layer in any way by clicking into the layers window you can't move the mouse with the arrow keys anymor until you click at the drawing area my mouse is quite precise and other hardware wouldn't help because I'm not drawing pictures in any way (I can't draw) I'm constructing them due using the coordinates and to do it without the aroow keys I'd need to turn the mouse speed to minimum and thats quite annoying since I don
  4. Hi, I really often need to change the active layer but I normally controll my mouse with the arrow keys for more control so it's really annoying to change the active layer or the layer visibility with the mouse (because I hold the mouse in the air while moving it with the keyboard to be able to click but not moving the mouse inadvertently and after clicking somewhere inside the layer window it needs an additional click inside the drawing area to make arrow-key-mouse-control available again) I searched for shortkeys but all I can find are lists where the shortkeys for the layer menu are liste
  5. There has been some time between this and the last post but I tested this plugin and I wanted to mention that sometimes there are new lines where none should be (more errors with increasing image size) and the height of the picture is stretched to about 165% using "lucida console" font (standart notepad font) due the letters aren't squares like pixel are. And somehow my notepad ignores the newlines.
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