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  1. Viking helmets don't even have horns ...
  2. We gonna make a image like this: Step 1: Color the background black and make a new layer Step 2: Type some text in red color. Go to Effects>Blurs>Gaussin blur and set it on 8 Step 3: Go to Effects>Blurs>Motion Blur set angle on 0 and distance 20 Step 4: Go to Effects>Distort>Dents set Scale on 25, Refraction on 50, Roughness on 10, Tension on 10 and Quality on 2. Step 5: Make a new layer and type the same text as before in orange. Step 6: Move the orange text to the red with Move selected Pixels tool. Step 7: Press ENTER and go to Effects>Blur>Gaussin Blur and set it on 6 Step 8: Go to Effects>Distort>Frosted Glass and set Maximum scatter on 4 and Minimum scatter on 0 and set Smoothness on 2 and move layer down. Step 9: Go to layer 1 and color the background white or delete it! Done.