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  1. Well I tried to create a thread to get people using their skill to make something massive but I see people don't like others working together shame PDN isn't for groups of people. If asking people if they want to join in with some fun is recruting well then im a bad person didn't mean to have too much fun shame im not a reg otherwise I bet things would be different. I was asking for ideas not for a conscription to the army to see if everyone has good ideas for buttons thats why I said it was a collab that means people working together to make stuff not a recrution thought PDN would like to get some more of a word out there but I see you like to be left in the corner with baby. I guess I will just have to get photoshop least they like to work with others.
  2. I have a project underway and I thought you lot might want in. I have a few requests that you lot might want to have fun with. The first request is a button here are the details: size: 18x18 min 25x25 max Open and closed style button a light blue shade of colour (depending on the style you want) Hope to hear some great ideas and maybe some sample images for me to test. I will update this area with some more requests as it's a big project and I think the PDN community will like to join in and make it a PDN collab. Good Luck all and may the paint be with you
  3. Sorry guys but I think I win it may not be and eye but who cares when you have a pointless pet to defend you. Lamerchu GO!!!
  4. This is my first tutorial, I thought I should make this tutorial as the only tutorial i found had no pictures so I thought this might help some people. Glossy Buttons Tutorial: Minor changes: Layer Opacity Make the background layer transparent, I deleted the white by highlighing it with the wand and then deleting. Create a new Layer and put it above the background layer. Start by chosing a colour for your button and creating it's shape I used green (#339933) and the Rounded Rectangle tool. Now that you have your button create a new layer above the one that has the button. This new layer will be the glossy look. To create the glossy look I used the Ellipse tool to select an area on the button and filled it with white. Go back to the layer with your button and use the WAND tool to select the area of the button. With the area still highlighted go back to the glossy layer and press CTRL + I then delete this will take away the unneeded fill. On your glossy layer press F4 and in the blending section reduce the Layer Opacity to an amount you like, I used 79. This is the Glossy button. EXTRA EFFECTS YOU MIGHT LIKE TO TRY! Effects used: Feather Gaussian Blur Corner glow To add a nice effect to the corner I will start by adding a new layer above all of the current layers On the new layer add a small white streak in the corner you want the glow I used a side 4 brush with white colour After adding the white streak go to Effects -> Blurs -> Gaussian Blur and add a blur that you want I put mine up to 14 This will give you a nice glow in the end Smoothing the Gloss Go to the layer you created the gloss on and use feather Effects -> Object -> Feather I put the Feather Radius max and left the strength default And that is how you make the button, you can try different colours and shapes.
  5. Ah ok well: To start I changed the grafiti layer Opacity to 80 to give it the wash effect. For the gradient I used red as the primary and secondary I used white but in the more section I made it completely transparent then brushed the red gradient over a little bit on each one maybe 2 times to give it a semi finished colouring look. Then I used the rotate to place it over the object behind to make it look like it has been sprayed over giving it that town worn effect. Hope this translation helps I was in a rush when i posted was working at the same time.
  6. The World really is fragile after all huh?
  7. Hi guys i love giving all your tuts a try heres my go at this not amazing but haven't has paint long: What I guess I did was reduct the layer strength to 80 like you said but i added a little but of faded gradient to give it that spray can finish of a grafiti tag then bended it to go over the object as they dont care if they go over stuff and well thats it I guess.
  8. I know this is a little late but I created this sig / avatar: Darksiders the game (WAR)
  9. I'm new to paint.net but I created a version of this while playing some some stuff and made this: Used a few extras but looks ok for a first time going to add some more stuff and see what happens
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