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  1. It would absolutely be good enough if the tools remember their size for only the current session. Next time you run Paint.NET, as you say, you would probably want a different size on your tools, so they can still have the preset value, size 2. Or maybe an option to set your own preset values would be suitable, so that your Rubber isn't size 2 when you start. It would be nice, even though it's not so important. The important thing is to reduce the number of times you need to change the size of your tools, so it's only done when it's really needed. If you paint, you mostly work with small pencils, ranging from maybe size 1-7 and when erasing you seldom need a smaller rubber then size 10. With this feature in the program, when sizes of the tools is set to your liking; you only change the size when you need a smaller pencil/brush and not because you just need to use another tool with a different size for a short time, before heading back to your pencil/brush.
  2. Thanks, didn't thought of shortcut keys for this matter... But i still think that for users that use Paint.Net as a sheet to paint/draw on; it would still be good with tools remembering their size, as an enhancement to the user experience. I started this thread, as I want to help the Paint.Net software to be become even better. I'm sorry for the Headline of this thread, if I can I would change it right away; into a nicer one. Sorry for the negative tone of it... @Rick Brewster Even if you don't think this would enhance the program; would it be hard to implement this feature for us who does?
  3. @Rick Ok, that was a short and concise answere... I have tablet computer whish make it easy for me to draw nice lines i paint.Net When editing photos, as most people do whith this software you don't notice this little "hurdle". Is it a feature that is hard to make?
  4. You paint a nice thin line, maybe in size 2; and then starts to erase a part of it that you don't like. When you change to the Rubber tool, it's now also in shape 2; making it very hard to erase your thin line (same size). 'what if the tools remembered their size of it's last use, so that your pencil could be size 2 and your rubber size 15 on the same time. I want your opinion...
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