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  1. , I hear ya. ZIP file uploaded. Turns out there weren't any bugs afterall (at least not to MY knowledge). Just some differences in the way transparency is treated (Gimp uses black with an alpha channel of zero, PDN uses white). It did give me the chance to add comments where I made changes to the original code, though.
  2. Yes, sorry. I found a bug with it, too, so I'm making a couple changes, then I will re-upload in ZIP format.
  3. It looks like this uses Bit Field compression which apparently is not understood by the Win32 LoadImage() API function. I created a similar one-pixel 32-bit BMP image in both Gimp and Paint.NET (using this plug-in) and I could load the Gimp image but not the Paint.NET one in my Win32 app. The only difference I could see is the compression method (Gimp doesn't use one). [Edit] If anyone is interested, I've made some changes to the source so that the BMP no longer uses compression. This version should play nice with Win32 LoadImage(). BmpX.zip
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