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  1. It's not actually a good idea, except for timings. Users should not care about the codec details like disposal and blending methods. For example, if you ever worked with video, you know that video codecs rarely use full frames, they usually save difference between frames, but such implementation details are hidden from the user. When user opens a video in video editor, it shows full frames, not difference between frames. Decoder is smart enough to take care of little details like disposal and blending methods, and present you with full frames. The same with encoder, it's usually smart enough
  2. The problem with loop count is that browsers still can't agree on how to interpret it. Some browsers think that "1" in NETSCAPE2.0 block means "repeat once", which in practice means "play twice". Mozilla used to be that way, but I convinced them that "1" should be interpreted as "play once" and it was implemented in Firefox 4.0 but in some other browsers it's still "play twice"...
  3. animatedpng.com will be back, we're working on it. optimizer for apng is here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/apng/files/APNG_Optimizer/
  4. After saving to APNG, you can always generate GIF from it using apng2gif converter.
  5. Yeah, first frame is broken too. That's how it looks in TweakPNG: Two identical IDAT chunks? That is not right.
  6. This is working: http://oi52.tinypic.com/21180gx.jpg But re-save it in Paint.NET, and you'll get a broken APNG file.
  7. That's a completely different thing, not related to animation. Convert any JPG to static PNG in any program, and you'll see the same thing.
  8. The animation is fine, you created it in APNG Assembler, right? I opened this animation in paint.net without problems, but couldn't re-save it as APNG. The result is definitelly broken.
  9. 1. Can you post these two frames? 2. Can APNG Assembler make apng out of them, or it returns the error too?
  10. "not working" is not a good explanation.
  11. Simon, can you try loading this into Paint.NET : It appears wrong to me...
  12. Question to Simon Brown - maybe this tool would be easier to use for APNG? http://sourceforge.net/projects/apngasm/
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