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  1. I cannot express my gratitude right now! Thank you so much, you saved me! After this final, visual check, the Greek package will be ready for upload.
  2. True. I forgot to mention that I tried both @muntealb's version and the one in the "Instructions to make a language pack". Unfortunately none worked. Neither did any variation with other numbers. Thanks for the try though
  3. Hello there! All the links that I found in the forum for downloading the ResGen app were not working so I downloaded it from here. Unfortunately, although I have followed the instructions on the relevant thread, the compiling command is not working. ( I have posted a few screenshots in my previous post here) The ultimately frustrating part of my story is that, although the translation is ready and error-free, I need to make a few screenshots of the localised end result for my dissertation which needs to be submitted (ahem!) tomorrow. So it's kinda urgent.. Anyone who could upload the ResGen version they used or has any idea how I can make the one I already have work, would be my, well, saviour. I probably by now sound like the worst kind of n00b but I really need your help on this one! /EDIT Or, in case this makes it easier, I have uploaded the Greek string file here: Maybe someone can just compile it for me and send it?
  4. I checked the translation against the base file and it didn't have any errors. But then, when I try to compile the files I get this: Any ideas what I could be doing wrong?
  5. @muntealb thank you ever so much, without your explanation I would have never succeded in making it work! Trully appreciate it!
  6. Well, my translation is ready and I have been trying to use the resxcheck tool but it doesn't seem to work (a common phenomenon when a linguist steps into the programming world!) As soon as I click on the file a black msdos window opens for a split second and then it disappears. I am using Windows 7, maybe it has to do with that? Anyway, I'd really appreciate it if there's anyone who has used it and would be kind enough to post some instructions.
  7. ^What you're saying sounds very familiar and I think it's true. (Thanks for the swift response!) But it creates a big dilemma now as I haven't translated a piece of software before that has menu shortcuts. I'd love to hear a few ideas/suggestions from fellow localisers as to how they dealt with that.
  8. Hi there! One things that has remained unclear to me in the localisation process is the role of the symbol & in the translatable part of the strings. I have left it as is in strings when it is positioned at the beginning of a word (i.e. &Copy, &Save as) but sometimes it appears in the middle of words (i.e. C&ut, E&xit) and I'm still unsure of what I should do with it in those occasions. Any feedback is much appreciated, thanks!
  9. The number that @nik gave is correct, I got the same number when I stripped the file from the code. The translation of the strings in Greek is done and I have sent it to my supervisor for review. Once the review is done and I finish with the corrections I will post it here. Now what I want to ask is that the strings that I have are since the 3.36 version and now I can see the program has been updated to 3.54 so I wonder if I need to do anything to update my translation as well before I post it? Thanks! PS: I realised the help files are huge, I'll skip that for now
  10. Hi StephanP, thank you so much for the swift response. You see I am not as concerned about the amount of time that I will need to put into the translation. I just need to put an approximate number of words to the project for when I do my dissertation proposal. So, as far as I can see, each string contain in average 3 words, which makes us approximately 3,5K words. Now can I ask you where I can find the help files? I suppose they are in .html format? Thank you very much for all the advice as for the consistency issue, you don't have to worry about it I work as a Localisation Specialist for an online firm so I already have experience in using the available resources and being consistent in the localisation process.
  11. Hi there! I decided to localise Paint.NET into Greek for my MA dissertation. But before I submit my proposal I need to know roughly how big (in words) is the project and due to the large amount of code involved it's quite hard to calculate. Can any one of the developers or translators help me with that? I only need an approximate number. Thanks in advance!