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  1. Here's the stock for the badges: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/c ... twaffe.jpg Colour was modified for one, and it was modified for the other.
  2. Crappy, simple, but I like it: http://img192.imageshack.us/img192/8625/splintb.jpg
  3. Ich kann nicht....[setzen Sie Name der Sprache ein] Ah! I have an axe in my head!
  4. http://wehrmacht-awards.com/forums/show ... p?t=411980
  5. Not enough. I have 38, I had almost 180 on my last computer, and I can't remember what most of them were.
  6. Don't worry. I know not everybody here is as interested in Fallschirmjäger uniforms as I am. Thanks. Somebody emailed me the badge, but it needed a lot of work before it looked like that.
  7. Hi Heat Stroke, The background on the image isn't meant to be wood (Although now that Ii think about it, it does have a slight resemblance if you're not keen in the field of German Paratrooper uniforms). It's meant to be a camouflaged paratrooper smock. Here's the piece I made for a back background (resized) Considering most of it would be hidden, I didn't bother detailing it too much. Here's one of the links I used as a reference for the smock: http://www.germanmilitaria.com/Luftwaff ... 28161.html
  8. Possum, that is really trippy. Here's a small banner I worked on to promote my website. I wanted to get the most realistic look I could....I found a few good techniques for replicating the look of wool. The only thing I didn't make is the jump badge.
  9. Writing an essay for school, you attempt to find the font menu to make your handwriting more legible You cut something out and attempt to anti-alias it
  10. Here's mine...I used a few photos from my friend's website....rest is all PDN Here's links for the pics I used: http://fjr6.net/gallery/0809/images/15.jpg http://fjr6.net/gallery/1009/images/18.jpg http://fjr6.net/gallery/1009/images/19.jpg
  11. Hello, I've recently picked up a new computer....first thing I did was install Paint.NET....then firefox.....then Antivirus. I had an account on here, but I can't remember what the password is, or even what the email address I used when I signed up...
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