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  1. most of times I only want to blur the contour of an object or character that has transparent background, I think that is fine your solution.., but there is nothing more friendly than the Blurring tool using a friendly brush. I really hope the boss want to improve paint.net on the next version adding that basic but very very very necessary tool. thanks.
  2. wooooo I see !!!!!! that's working great! thanks! thanks a lot!
  3. Is there any solution to re-size some stuff placed on a diferent layer without affecting the other layers ? I put below here an example where I needed to resize "the green stuff" keeping the aspect ratio to keep its body always in good proportion pixel by pixel (I am really strict), there you can see how I got failed trying to resize keeping its aspect ratio, this is not a joke I really want to resize keeping aspect ratio keeping untouched the other layers. thanks for reading!
  4. thanks so much but that seems to be a pathetic process with several steps, I am really looking for an easy, fast and real solution (using the proper tool to blur) thanks anyway, I am open to new responses.
  5. 8) Hi, is there any possibility to get this "necessary tool" ? you know, sometimes I need to blur with precision some random points on a picture, I really need this tool on the latest version of paint.net because I really love this program and I don't want to use another heavy program, so I really Hope that somebody can help me, any solution ?. :oops: maybe is there some plugin or something... thanks for reading.
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