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  1. would I get better results (would the lettering and the text look sharper) if I was using Photoshop?
  2. WOW, the png file looks a whole hell of a lot better!! Thats a great idea, I saved the template itself as a png, then tried applying it over the jpg file and saving as a jpg and it still looked bad. but then I tried saving the combined as a png file and the difference is amazing!! ideally it would be better to have it be jpg as it is going on the internet, but I will see if this will work. Any way to make the edges, and the overall graphics a little sharper?? I tried the sharpening tool but that is probably not what I want. thanx Nick
  3. The image is written is copyrighted text in which we could get it from corporate, but it would cost use to much money.
  4. I guess it is called bleeding, but here is what I am having an issue with. I have an Text that is the form of an Image. The text currently is in Black, but they want it in RED. So I use the Wizard Tool Select Each Letter and Fill with red. The Image is about 10x bigger than the picture I am to insert it ontop of, so I resize the Text image, it looks good, Save the Combined images as a JPEG, then when I open the JPEG, the RED does not look sharp, or is bleeding. Any Help would be appreciated. Thanx Gist
  5. everything you guys have told me to do has worked and I am truly grateful for your help. I just have one last request. I have my template created, now I just need to apply it to about 100 photos. Any way of doing a batch process?? (save myself some time and anguish) gist
  6. I just need a way to make sure that my Text is properly centered in the photo. Right now I am eye balling it and using the ruler. What can I say, I am a perfectionist. thanx for all your help gist
  7. Do I need to get another plugin for that b/c I try it under Effects - Stylize - Outline, but it just really ends up blurring my text, making it unrediable. Also, is there a way to get Paint to show me the exact center of the photo - divide my photo in quarters?? thanx for ur responses, ur helping me out a ton gist
  8. cool got it done!! Took about 2secs with your directions. I have one last question that I have run into. We are not putting a logo in, just text which actually looks nice. The only problem is that in some pictures the text (which is in black) blends in with a dark object in the background, making it a little bit harder to read. Any suggestions to help make the text jump up out of the photo to make it easier to read?? I would like to stay with a classy Black, not have to go w/ a different color. thanx gist
  9. Hello forum members, This is my first post as I was given an assignment that seems to be pretty simple on the surface but more difficult, well at least for me. I have been messing around w/ it for about a day now and have not gotten any where. Thus I turn to you for help. What I am looking for help on is creating a template that I can save and simply insert over many different pictures. The template would need to include the companys information, such as the Name, Website and Phone Number. The company would also like there to be a border around the photo. Since there are hundreds of th
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