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  1. Oh wow, it's been 4 years since I've been here (time sure flies by) and now there's 4 (coincidence? ). I hope this post is alright, but I'm really happy you guys are still working on this software. I really prefer it over Photoshop and GIMP (ugh, I really hate that one tho). Looking at the feature list, I'm surprised there's so much new stuff (here I thought is already stuffed with great features).
  2. Well, I'm still at 3.36 (3.51 wouldn't work either, wanted to update from within) I got an AMD Duron 1.2 ghz.... Nothing I could do (won't buy a new cpu oO)? €dit: Oh damn... CPU-Z just told me my CPU doesn't support SSE
  3. Yo guys. I just wanted to install the newest version 3.52 and got that error > Why is that required now? Everest tells me > IA MMX Unterstützt IA SSE Unterstützt IA SSE 2 Nicht unterstützt IA SSE 3 Nicht unterstützt IA Supplemental SSE 3 Nicht unterstützt IA SSE 4 Nicht unterstütz So IA SSE actually IS supported (ok, 2-4 aren't...)