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  1. Ok thanks. But what is the normal way? I've never installed a font before? Thanks.
  2. Am I able to install the Helvetica font into Paint.net? If so, how? Many thanks!
  3. That's what I thought, but nothing is there. Could it have something to do with the error message I got when trying to delete it (see my orig post)? Did I do it correctly by placing the exe and dll in the "file types" folder?
  4. Can someone help me figure out why this plugin is not showing up? I unzipped it to my desktop then initially dropped it in the "Effects" folder. I reread the thread and saw that it needed to be in the "File Types" folder and when I tried to delete it I got a message stating that I cannot delete it: access is denied. So I went ahead and dropped the dll and exe in the File Types folder anyway and restarted PDN. I don't see anything. I have a few other plugins installed ok so I'm not sure why this one is giving me issues. Any troubleshooting advice would be great.
  5. No. I've been saving mostly as gif. Is png better than gif or jpeg?
  6. I use the program mostly to design headers, banners, and buttons for my sites. What I've noticed is that when I create the graphic and save it, all looks great. But when I upload it to a site and view it live, it looks very grainy- like a low-quality image. Is there a particular setting or something that I should use to make the images view more crisp when I use them?
  7. Hi- I've been using Paint.Net for about 6 months and love it. Then my computer crashed so I switched to an older desktop I had. When I tried to install, I got an error stating that XP SP3 or Vista was required. So I installed Service Pack 3 and restarted my computer. I tried to install Paint.net again and got this message: "There was an error while installing Paint.net. (1603) Fatal error during installation." I'm sure there are a host of things it could be, but anyone experienced this before and know where to start? Thanks
  8. I've been tinkering around with paint for a few days and love it so far. There's one thing that I haven't been able to figure out how to do. Is there a way to blend the edge of a photo into a background? I've included a sample image to show what I would be trying to do.
  9. Hello from Chicago. I just downloaded pdn. I'm clueless about this kind of stuff so I'm just checking it out and hoping to learn more through this forum.
  10. Well, here's my story. I'm clueless when it comes to graphic design but this seems to be the most user friendly program out there. I'm hoping to learn how to make banners and headers and I'm glad there's a forum here to get some help.
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