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  1. Thanks to the OP, and to PR for posting the link. I was just looking for some good fonts resource as well.
  2. Hi, I am trying to Import a PDF file to Paint.net without any success. Any tips please? Probably because it's a PDF 'document'? Any way around it?
  3. Hi It's a very good tutorial. Thanks. Here is my try at it. Any tips for its improvement please? (Specially on the splatter thing :S)
  4. Thank you for your suggestion, Crimson. I will try this software now.
  5. Thank you for the link, Chad. I hadn't come across it before; and from comments it seems very useful. Best wishes
  6. He's not PMed me yet; when he does and you still interested I will share the tut with you.
  7. I see. Okay. But would you or someone be able to suggest any good 3D modeling programs please? I really need to this, hopefully.
  8. And why would we talk about H2SO4 and pizzas at the same time?
  9. Here's my go at making glass button: Please comment how can I improve it.
  10. What could be unhealthier than eating pizzas for a whole week?
  11. I don't really mind; either way it's fine by me. I'd be waiting for your reply/PM, Thanks
  12. Hello everyone, I benefit from this site and the software; and it's a better alternative for PS etc., for several reasons. Thank you.. Anyways what I need help with is I want to learn how can I make 3D graphic chracters please? Okay, I don't really know if you need to use some other software(s) along with Paint.net. So please do excuse my really limited knowledge in this field, but I have come here with high hopes. (I have been trying some tutorials here already...never posted here until now). Kindly, list the softwares and other things I will need.