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  1. Hey there sunnydays. Welcome to the party! Learning just happens. Get yourself a whole bunch of photographs of various types, and start experimenting on 'Effects' & even 'Adjustments'. Then check out the tutorials and work up towards doing 'Layers', which is tricky at first. I completed my first 3 layer work yesterday, so now I know the bare basics. Yesterday I also checked out the tutorial on 'levels' which left me still completely confused, but am sure I can pick up the idea of it eventually. I have been exploring the 'RGB' Curves on my own and am starting to get the hang of it a lot better than 'levels', which virtually does the same thing as 'levels' (almost). Happy playing... Happy New Year Everybody
  2. Yo! Just downloaded Paint.Net 2 days ago! I only needed it to do some necessary photo-cropping, which I have already done. But then, I checked out the programme itself today and I am truly amazed. Especially the special effects. :o Right now, it all looks confusing, especially working the 'layers', but I am at the "Baa baa...daa daa" stage of the learning curve. I'm writing this while I wait for a tutorial to download - I'm still on dial up. I hope I'll be around. Oh yea... I am an old 'Techno Freak' from New Zealand.
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